Bernardino Luino

Bernardino Luino, born Latina (Italy) on 1951, he lives in Milan and Paris.
Studies: Master degree "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Florence.



In the eighties he lived and worked in New York, it's represented by the Gallery Henoch.
Several exhibitions:
"The Chair", "Works on paper", "Fabrics", "NY City by Day, City by Night",
"Objects Observed: Contemporary Still Life"
Two periods:
-The urban landscape and American scenes: the street represented from angles like those used by Hopper, bright colors, orderly squalor.
-Interiors and a few figures: Billy Wilder buys two pictures for his collection and encouraged him to get a brilliant career.
In nineties he returned to Milan, Galleria Appiani Arte where he exhibited several figure paintings: Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco wrote "more attentive to the mental operation and the quality of the painting, a discovery of Europe".

  • 2012- Panorama Museum, "Dopo de Chirico Metaphysische Malerei der Gegenwart in Italien Bad Frankenhausen (Germany) Galleria Marini, Milan
  • 2011- "L'Arte non è cosa nostra" 54 International Exhibition - Biennale of Venice"
  • 2009- LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2008- US Artists, Philadelphia, PA Gallery Group Show, Gallery Henoch, NY Galerie Deprez-Bellorget, Paris
  • 2007- Gallery Group Show, Gallery Henoch, NY Arte Italiana. 1986-2007.Palazzo Reale Milan
  • 2006- 40 YEARS/ A Dealer's Collection, Gallery Henoch, NY
  • 2005- Gallery Group Show, Gallery Henoch, NY US Artists, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2004- Fenomeno della Metacosa
  • 2003- Arte Fiera Bologna
  • 2002- Armory Show, NY
  • 2001- Holiday Group Show, NY
  • 2000- Gallery Group Show, NY Holiday Group Show, NY
  • 1999- Elogio della Bellezza/De Metafisica, Galleria Appiani, Milan Gallery Group Show, NY
  • 1997- Gallery Henoch, NY
  • 1996- The Realist Figure: Contemporary Perspectives, NY
  • 1995- Art Miami '95, International Art Exposition, Miami Beach, Florida Spectrum, Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee Virtuosity Art Fair, Art Communication International, NY
  • 1994- Intimate Interiors, NY
  • 1993- People II, The Gallery Three Zero, NYDG
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